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Sacred Moon Stones

Reiki Infused Fertility Bundle

Reiki Infused Fertility Bundle

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Chrysoprase- Balances hormones, detoxifies the body and treats the fallopian tubes balances the Yin-Yang energy.

Rhodonite- Stone of compassion, emotional balancer, clears away emotional wounds and activates the heart.

Rose Quartz- Promotes unconditional love in all relationships, purifies and opens the heart, a calming and reassuring stone.

Carnelian- Ignites to fire with and also boost vitality, activates our lower three chakras.

Orange Calcite- Energizes and cleanse the sacral and solar plexus to bring positive energy, provides vitality by unlocking one sexual energy and increases fertility.

Clear Quartz- Used to amplify the intention and the other stones as the master healer you can program this down to do anything you would like.

Disclaimer: Since the crystal stones are natural size and color may vary. Tumbles will be randomly selected.

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