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Sacred Moon Stones

Fire Quartz Bracelet

Fire Quartz Bracelet

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Fire Quartz, also known as Hematoid Quartz gets its unique coloring from the iron oxide (Hematite) inclusions. It's an excellent crystal to use to promote emotional and energetic balance in your life. This stone is a powerful energy clearing tool to use in your energy healing practice as it's vibration penetrates deep to help release stress, unhelpful patterns, trapped emotions and other forms of negativity trapped in the auric field. Use to help replenish and restore your energy, raise your vibration and promote more harmony. 

Disclaimer: Since the crystals are natural please note that they may vary in size, color and patterns.  Also some crystals can have natural crevices, cracks, or imperfections. All of my pictures are taken in natural lighting with no editing so that you can see the crystal as clearly as possible. All are randomly selected.  All sales are final.

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