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Sacred Moon Stones

Auralite 23 Polished Tumbles

Auralite 23 Polished Tumbles

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Discover your channeling powers, learn how to astral travel, lucid dream, remember past lives, and even connect you to your akashic records.  Auralite 23 is also said to work on all chakras.  Since it enhances your intuitive abilities and spiritual awareness. It will also help you to work on your self-acceptance, self-confidence, release old thought patterns, shift limiting beliefs, and work and heal your inner child.


Disclaimer: Since the crystals are natural please note that they may vary in size, color and patterns.  Also some crystals can have natural crevices, cracks, or imperfections. All of my pictures are taken in natural lighting with no editing so that you can see the crystal as clearly as possible. All are randomly selected.

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